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1993: Tomfoolery

Tomfoolery, written by Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer’s musical review is humorously representative of the feelings of a generation of Americans throughout the 50s and 60s — the folk singers and beat poets and an emerging socially conscious public — during a period of great social and political change. Performances at Miller’s Restaurant, Charlottesville, VA.

Director: John Quinn (stage) and Kevin White (music)
Cast: Steve Tharp
Bambi Chapin
John Chapin
Bill Rough


1992: Speed the Plow

Speed the Plow, written by David Mamet

Speed the Plow was a joint production between Offstage and Live Arts and was performed Live Arts Theatre, Charlottesville, VA.

Director: John Quinn
Cast: Cristan Keighley
Julia Grey
Stuart Ross


1992: Barhoppers IV

A series of six one-acts performed at Miller’s Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA.

Down Under, written by John Quinn
Cast: Steve West (Harry)
Kate Doyle (Hawk)
John Watkins (Floyd)
Beatrice Ost (Uzi)
The Sure Thing, written by David Ives
Director: Betsy Rudelich Tucker
Cast: Jamie Bryan (Bill)
Jean Collins (Betty)
Always a Bridesmaid, written by Elizabeth Harris
Director: John Quinn
Cast: Phillip L. Beard (Bartender)
Jim Wicker (Man)
Melanie van de Castle (Bridesmaid
The Answer Man, written by Joel Jones
Director: Joel Jones
Cristan Keighley
Cast: Cristan Keighley (Man)
Katherine Ross (Denise)
To Save the Human Race, written by Laura Quinn
Director: Bob McGurn
Cast: Stuart Ross (Greg)
Page Laughlin (Sherry)
Diane Gaary (Julie)
Chris Wood (Joe)
Dirty Blonde, written by Doug Grissom
Director: Doug Grissom
Cast: John Chapin (Luke)
Burt Creasy (Matthew)

1992: Rough Theatre

The Ghost of Christmas Trash, written by Tom Coash
Critics, written by Joel Jones
___, written by Joel Jones

1992: The Illuminati

The Illuminati, written by Larry Larson and Levi Lee

Some things you need to know before the world ends … a final evening with the Illuminati.

Director: John Quinn
Cast: Michael Parent (Reverend Eddie)
Larry Goldstein (Brother Lawrence)

1991: The Joel Jones Series

Three one-acts performed in the Pink Building in Charlottesville, VA.

Sugar, written by Joel Jones


Baby, written by Joel Jones


Winning the Lottery, written by Joel Jones